Newsworthy Malibu Design: Vintage Grocers at Trancas Country Market

We joined hundreds of Malibu locals this morning at Trancas Country Market for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the charming Vintage Grocers. The Malibu Chamber of Commerce kicked off the celebration, with market manager Eric Fuchser, welcoming the community into the independent market. Fresh baked almond croissants, organic produce, fresh squeezed fruit juices and much more were in plentiful supply.

Architect Doug Burdge, as pictured below with Malibu Mayor Joan House and Coldwell Banker realtor Meril May, is responsible for the country living-inspired design of Trancas Country Market. Showcasing mostly local retail stores and open-air commons, cafes and farm-to-table restaurants, Trancas Country Market features barn-style buildings clad in antique barn wood and rustic metal roofing. This latest design by Doug Burdge has everyone along the coast buzzing with excitement.

CA Cell Photo 2 (Open-Air Commons)

IMG_4482 (Joan House, Doug Burdge, Meril May) by Richelle Chen

CA Cell Photo 1 (Market Interior)

photo1 LB Cell Photo (Ribbon-Cutting)

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