Newsworthy Art Exhibition: Roberto Gil de Montes’ first L.A. solo show in 10 years

The latest news from Christine’s desk is from Lora Schlesinger Gallery:

After traveling all around the world to India, Europe, and living in the US and Mexico, Roberto Gil de Montes returned to Los Angeles for his first solo show in nearly ten years. The solo exhibition and artist talk took place on April 5th at Lora Schlesinger Gallery and will run until May 10, 2014. In anticipation of the event, the debut attracted residents in the Los Angeles area and beyond to line up outside the gallery doors. Roberto Gil de Montes’ exhibition entitled, Hecho en México, includes cultural images and symbols from Mexico, pre-Columbian art, and also references Henry Moore who inspired Gil de Montes to be an artist.


Photos by Eric Minh Swenson unless noted: (names, top row, l to r): Roberto Gil de Montes gives an artist talk; Molly Barnes, Lora Schlesinger, Roberto Gil de Montes, Joan Quinn (photo by Christine Anderson), Farrah Hedayati, Roxie Sarhangi, Roja Gashtili; (second row, l to r): Luchita Mullican, Lora Schlesinger, Kimberly Merrill, Jon Swihart, Karrie Ross, David Eubank, Mike Street, Roberto Gil de Montes.


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