“Grand Estate” panel and “Mansfield Park” window were Hits at Legends of La Cienega

L.A.’s biggest stars in design and architecture converged at SOLI Architectural Surfaces in the heart of the La Cienega Design Quarter during Legends of La Cienega for a rare discussion of their grandest projects ever built. Speaking on the keynote panel “Grand Estate: The Art of Building Big,” designer Kerry Joyce discussed adding warmth to oversized interiors, Finton construction president John Finton shared stories of building the largest estates in the southland, architect William Hefner spoke of the unique challenges of designing on a grand scale, and Snyder Diamond president Russ Diamond provided insight into the latest trends in wellness and upscale living. The event took place Friday May 9, 2014 to a standing room-only crowd, all the while a live action window demonstration – designed to be the most unique of its kind on display during the three-day district-wide event – showcased the Jane Austen novel “Mansfield Park.” Designer Kym Rodger, with landscape designer Anna Hoffman of Doyle Herman Design Associates, crafted the charming window as a welcoming sight for all who attended the memorable event.

Keynote-Photo by JL Photographers

Kerry Joyce, John Finton, Susan McFadden, William Hefner, Russ Diamond - JL Photographers

Panelists Kerry Joyce, John Finton, moderator Susan McFadden, William Hefner and Russ Diamond

140509- Keynote Soli - 060-X2

Keynote Soli - window3 - JL Photographers

Photography by Daniel Longmire and JL Photographers

Pictured at top: Top row: Kerry Joyce, John Finton, William Hefner, Russ Diamond speak; Russ Diamond and Jennifer Convy; Delta Wright and Soli Besharat; Kristin Olmsted, Anna Hoffman, Kym Rodger, Soli Besharat. Middle row: Soli Besharat and William Hefner; Julia Wong, David Rivetti, Kym Rodger, and Soli Besharat; Christine Anderson and Reggie Sully. Bottom row: Kerry Joyce and John Finton; Roxie Sarhangi, Nicole Antoine, and Julie Baier; William Hefner and Jennifer Convy; John Finton, Jennifer Convy and Christopher Kennedy; Brittaney Minton and Chris Vargas.

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