Snyder Diamond 65th Anniversary Gala Dazzled the Design and Architecture Community on Oct. 18


Snyder Diamond, the venerable designer kitchen and bath company of Southern California, transformed its Santa Monica showroom into a showcase for the senses on October 18, 2014. Luminaries of the design and architecture community joined in celebrating president Russ Diamond on the company’s remarkable 65 years in business. Tableaus of top-of-the-line cooking ranges and polished bath vignettes were transformed into a spectacular music-revue floor show complete with classic, jazz and rock bands, plus outdoor cooking demos, numerous craft cocktail bars, and a decadent French pastry and dessert array that nodded to the company’s longstanding tradition of embracing European culture and design. Capping a design-filled weekend at the WestEdge Design Fair, the gala was both a memorable finale and an elegant kick-off to what will be a significant year-long celebration for the company.

Photography by Melissa Manning/ and Leslie Rockitter

Pictured above, Top row L to R: Dan Ollis, Norm Nebroski, Hal Swanson, Doug Brignole, Michael Rachlin, Wendy Williams, entertainers; Middle row L to R: Jean Pinto, Nancy Lares, Vanessa Kogevinas, David Dalton, Viviane Andrade, Russ Diamond, Larry Allen, Christian May, Jill Seidner, Morgan Yen, Tyson Yen, Michele Conn; Bottom row L to R: Lisa Kendziorski, Tory Hanson, Mark Bertler, Adrienne Morea, Frederic Desborough, Domenic Luisi, Damon McLaren, Brooke McLaren, Julia Wong, Paul Williger, Ron Cohen, Susan Cohen

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