Designers and Architects Marked Success of “Fantini for Africa” at Dinner Hosted by Snyder Diamond


Photos by Stacie McChesney Top row (L to R): Takashi Yanai, Julia Wong, David Rubin; Gianni Di Blasio, Russ Diamond, Riccardo Conti; Nancy Griffin, Steven Ehrlich, Christine Anderson, Mel DelLeon; Melissa Partridge, Caroline Lagerfelt; Second row (L to R): Lauren Francois, Janice Francois, Dana Joy Altman; Michael Berman, Melinda Ritz; [clockwise from L:] Christopher Gialanella, Michele Conn, Cynthia Lambakis, Kam Kamran, Jill Seidner; Riccardo Conti, Lizzie Dinkel; Third row (L to R): Christopher Gialanella, Russ Diamond; Laurie Haefele, Lori Dennis, Christine Anderson, Julia Wong; Takashi Yanai, Lizzie Dinkel, Ruth Tooker, Maya Williams; Adrien Hart, Slim Keskes; Bottom row (L to R): Nicole Antoine, Christian May, Roxie Sarhangi; Krista Everage, Ruth Tooker; Erica Islas, Norm Nebroski, Lori Gilder.

On May 21, over 50 designers and architects gathered for an elegant evening on the patio of West Hollywood’s  a.o.c. wine bar to mark the success of the second phase of “100 Fontane: Fantini for Africa.” The humanitarian effort, spearheaded by the Italian kitchen and bath company leader Daniela Fantini, delivers clean and safe water to Burundi, Masango, Africa, one of the planet’s poorest regions. Guests including Steven Ehrlich, Michael Berman and David Rubin  learned about how the company’s involvement in the initiative sprung from Daniela Fantini’s personal interest, and how 100 Fontane has since multiplied its positive effects in just a few short years. The evening’s hosts Russ Diamond, president of Snyder Diamond, and Riccardo Conti, vice president of Fantini, screened a documentary that celebrates the company’s significant contribution to the daily lives and hopes of the children of Masango.

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