Let’s Talk: ConvobyDesign Podcast

This week our post is all about listening rather than looking. If you’re not already familiar with the podcast, ConvoByDesign, we encourage you to check it out. CXD, as it’s also known, is an original talk series that focuses on the design community and features one-on-one interviews, group discussions and timely talks on local events like Westedge.

Earlier this summer, Snyder Diamond president Russ Diamond participated in a podcast about how he travels the world to bring back the most cutting edge kitchen and bath products. Take a listen to Russ’ insightful conversation with Josh Cooperman here, Episode 18. Then, spend some time exploring the many other conversations with top architects and designers like Laurie Haefele and Michael Rachlin and Julia Wong. We’re so pleased to be sponsors of such a program!

Christine Anderson, founder of the Santa Monica-based public relations firm Communication Arts + Design, is the show’s new host. Prior to launching her firm, Christine was one of the original reporters for KCRW’s award-winning ‘Arts LA’ program, where she interviewed noted artists like Billy Al Bengston and Robert Graham during her tenure. She has also reported for NPR’s ‘Performance Today.

Her new podcast launched today and features a conversation with Marc Appleton, Bret Parsons and Steve Vaught on their new book series, Master Architects of Southern California, 1918-1941. To listen, click here.

You can access all of the CDX shows, past and present, via iTunes (click here) or TuneIn (click here). You can follow CXD on Facebook and Twitter, too.


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