Press Preview for the new Broad Museum Downtown

We were more than excited to attend the elegant press preview for the new Broad Museum downtown, and watched the event planners set up the press conference early in the morning. Over 60 news crews, and 200 journalists were present for the occasion. The museum is stunning inside and out, and reflects a honeycomb-like exterior, and a vault-like interior, housing some outstanding works from the Broad Collection including pieces by Cy Twombly, Barbara Kruger, Mark Bradford and John Baldessari. One of the most compelling aspects of the structure is the way each of the interior galleries showcase, through glass skylights and partial glass walls, the exterior architecture from various vantage points, reminding you at all times about the sculptural architectural encasement. Kudos to architect Elizabeth Diller from Renfro, Diller and Scofidio for creating an original and provocative new cultural landmark that complements, and does not detract, from Gehry’s highly reflective Disney Hall next store. And remember…admission is FREE. Culture for the masses at long last.

Now we really have a serious cultural corridor on Grand Avenue, worthy of spending the entire day from one cultural landmark to another.  As Eric Garcetti put it, and I am slightly paraphrasing, “We’ve gone from a car culture town to a world class cultural town.” What a thrill to be there for the opening.


Getting ready! Exterior of the Broad Museum.


Broad Museum Exterior


Broad Museum Exterior

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