The Los Angeles Art Fair 2017


Art collector Chara Schreyer and Designer Gary Hutton talked about their spectacular new book, Art House, at the Los Angeles Art Fair.  The book is a compilation of Schreyer’s highly respected contemporary art collection at her various homes in California, curated and designed by Gary Hutton.  Her latest home, a contemporary masterpiece by architect Joe McRitchie, was built by All Coast Construction, and features hundreds of fine pieces from her collection.  No empty seats for this inspirational talk.  Art House is dedicated to Schreyer’s father, a holocaust survivor, who just turned 99, and attended the talk.


Pancho Luna’s compelling acrylic installation, revealing ghost-like images of books, was on view at Timothy Yarger’s booth.


The Los Angeles Art Fair also featured artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyah’s piece, Mirror II, 2012, a provocative mixed media piece where multiple attributes of a woman’s visage is seen through a pair of hands, attempting to cloak her physical identity.


Artist Koh Sang Woo’s haunting new piece, Ether, was on exhibit at the LA Art Fair, presented by NW Asian Art Works.

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