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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Communication Arts + Design toured architect William Hefner’s (Studio William Hefner) elegant and expansive two-story mansion in Bel-Air, the Chateau des Fleurs (literally chateau of the flowers).  Inspired by French locales, the over 60,000 square foot mansion is one of the largest residences in Los Angeles.  Hefner chronicles his masterpiece, which took almost ten years to complete, in a book of the same name.

Communication Arts + Design were inspired by the Dubuffet Drawings, 1935-1962 exhibit at the Hammer Museum, which featured nearly 100 of Dubuffet’s drawings. Jean Dubuffet’s works dealt largely with the theme of beauty versus authenticity, whereby his drawings show more realistic forms rather than widely accepted forms of beauty. Dubuffet drew inspiration from graffiti as well as from the works of children and psychiatric patients, with the express desire to appeal to… Read More