CA+D Presents: Designophile


We visited Rain Room at LACMA and managed to control the rain and stay reasonably dry during the 30 minute environmental experience. We can only hope this is an artful precursor to El Nino – and a portent of rain to come. The kids inside the space loved running around and getting soaked, and the grown ups (me included) walked very slowly and deliberately to avoid torrential downpours. It’s a fun, meditative… Read More

We attended the spectacular gala opening for Frank Gehry at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on September 9th. The exhibition is outstanding, smart, provocative and incredibly comprehensive. Kudos to Mr. Gehry for a lifetime of spectacular international projects. This show is a gem in every respect despite the 100 degree humid weather (sympathies to all the men in jackets), the art and architecture world turned out in full force for… Read More